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Top 5 reasons why designers love Secoin encaustic cement tiles

Friday, 03/04/2020, 03:57 GMT+7

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1. Secoin cement tiles represent designers' personal characteristics

What makes a product so desirable to a person is its ability to bring a personal value. What makes an encaustic cement tile so captivating to a designer is its ability to represent their passion, their creativity, their drive, their vision and their characteristic. They are encouraged to do so through customizing their Secoin Encaustic Cement Tiles; from the selection of pattern to the combination of color. Secoin fully appreciate the concept of personalization and would love nothing more for our designers to best express themselves through these precious patterned tiles.

2. The timeless beauty of Secoin cement tiles

We now live in a world where everything demands effectiveness, fast- paced production and easily marketable product. It brings short-term pleasure for its consumers. As a result, everything has become vastly short-lived in their minds. The music industry producing short- lived catchy, mainstream popular songs to pieces of clothing that rapidly become out of fashion.

However, this has only emphasized the importance of the timeless beauty. This timeless beauty live on the surface of every Secoin Encaustic Cement Tiles. The beauty that is long lasting, unlike a mainstream new song you would hear on the radio. The beauty that is never out of fashion like a simple, trending piece of clothing. Secoin vintage tiles echo the value of the past, the significance of history and immortalize the beauty of our culture.

3. Low cost and flexible production quantity

Economically, Secoin Encaustic Cement Tiles represent the most cost-effective option. Every order can made in a smaller quantity at a very low cost. To develop a new pattern, it also comes with an incredibly little cost with no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). With custom color, these bespoke tiles present no extra cost!

4. Versatile and suitable for all projects

The timeless, low-cost and aesthetic encaustic cement tiles are suitable for any kind of project, either classical or contemporary. Secoin tiles always find its way into various type of design. The timeless beauty of the vintage tiles is emphasized in historical buildings and vintage houses. Its simplicity and minimalistic aesthetic are the perfect tiles in any modern housing or simply a corner of one’s kitchen. The soothing nature of the tiles also find itself adding value to hospitality projects all around the world.

5. Secoin cement tiles are handcrafted and environmentally friendly

The rise of technology and its effective production line has made many forgotten the beauty of a handcrafted product. On every sunny or rainy morning in Vietnam, our worker come in with the goal of designing the most aesthetically pleasing tile for our designers. They understand the value of a handmade cement tile. Barring their aesthetic value, handcrafted products are environmentally friendly and bring no harm to the users’ wellbeing. 

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